ChangeWorks - 's werelds enige klant gestuurd, activiteit specifiek coaching en management tool
Is this your current situation?
Are your employees as productive as you need them to be in this climate, where maintaining your bottom line is key to the survival of your organisation?  For every business leader, it is something which needs to be seriously considered; how to get the best out of your resource.
Employee Engagement
Employees know what is required and what is expected of them and they are able to deliver to those expectations.
However, so many managers and business leaders struggle to get the most out of their staff.  The result is demonstrated in, low employee morale, long term sickness and poor employee engagement, and ultimately poor customer interaction and an ever decreasing bottom line.
Here is a Solution
If you are interested in creating a business climate with employees who will not only consistently meet but also exceed expectations in these challenging times, this programme is designed especially for you!
What is ChangeWorks! ®

ChangeWorks! ® is a comprehensive system for streamlining the change process at both the individual level and organisational levels.

Central to the ChangeWorks® System is the ChangeGrid® – the world’s only client driven, activity-specific coaching and management tool...more
Equipped with these answers; we will aid you aid you in getting
to the heart of what is holding back productivity for your organisation faster than any other known method , we will also
stimulate deeper, more powerful conversations, dramatically accelerating the change process for your business.
The ChangeGrid® is descriptive, predictive and prescriptive – designed to highlight and answer four powerful questions about your employees and your organisational objectives.

1.  How READY are they to handle their situation?
2.  How ENGAGED are they in the tasks that lay before them?
3.  How likely they are to follow through and actually DO what needs to be done?
4. What type and level of support do they need to get them on track and KEEP THEM on track?
Contact us today to arrange your complimentary ChangeGrid® survey and free debrief and make a start on raising productivity within your organisation. ChangeWorks NL cooperates with a trusted partner in the UK. T. +31 186 712 035 M. +31 6 11 068 953
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